Programming Language Support by WebDriver

September 15, 2023

WebDriver is a framework for automating web browsers, and it provides support for several programming languages, making it accessible to developers who are comfortable with different languages. The project provides language-specific bindings (APIs) for interacting with web browsers.

The web automation and testing framework, provides support for several programming languages, allowing developers and testers to write automation scripts in their preferred languages. Here are some of the popular programming languages for which Web Driver bindings are available:

Java: Web Driver has robust support for Java. Selenium WebDriver’s Java bindings are widely used for web automation and testing. You can use Java with Selenium Web Driver to write browser automation scripts.

Python: Selenium WebDriver has Python bindings that allow you to automate web browsers using Python. Python is known for its readability and simplicity, making it a popular choice for web testing and automation tasks.

C#: Selenium WebDriver also supports C# as a programming language. Developers who are using .NET technologies can leverage these bindings to automate web browsers with C#.

JavaScript (Node.js): If you prefer JavaScript, you can use the Web library, which is built on top of Selenium WebDriver, for browser automation. is particularly popular for testing web applications using Node.js.

Ruby: Selenium WebDriver provides support for Ruby, allowing developers to write browser automation scripts in Ruby programming language. This is often used by Ruby developers and testers.

PHP: While not as commonly used as some other languages, WebDriver has PHP bindings, allowing PHP developers to automate web browsers and perform web testing tasks.

Perl: WebDriver provides support for Perl as well. Perl developers can use these bindings to automate web browsers and carry out testing activities.

Kotlin: Although not as prevalent as Java, Kotlin can be used with Selenium WebDriver as it’s fully compatible with Java. It’s a more concise and modern alternative to Java.

These language bindings enable developers to write automation scripts and perform web testing in their preferred programming language, making WebDriver a versatile and widely adopted tool for web automation across various technology stacks and platforms. The choice of language often depends on the team’s expertise and the specific requirements of the project.

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