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Cypress is a JavaScript – based testing automation solution used for automating the web.
Its main objective is to address the problems developers and QA professionals face when they test an application.

Cypress has several benefits such as:
•Speeds up the entire process
•Improves the quality of the results
•Cypress is more universal as it can also run cross-browser testing
•Cypress Automation is simple to set up
•It has Debugging capabilities
•It offers fast test execution
•Cypress has an active community

Due to the above-mentioned advantages, Cypress automation is becoming increasingly popular among software developers and testers. There are several career opportunities available in the field, and those who are skilled in using Cypress automation testing can expect a high level of job satisfaction. Subba Raju sir an excellent trainer for Cypress Web Automation.Subba Raju sir excellent trainer for Web automation online training.

For students who are just beginning to understand testing, Cypress is a boon to learn and work with because of the following:
•Setting up tests is fast and easy and you can write your first passing test in 60 seconds
•Tests written in Cypress are easier to read and comprehend
•Using this, students can watch their tests run in real times as they develop their applications
•Error messages are readable and hence hastens the debugging process
•You also have the option of taking screenshots automatically on failure of the test
From all that we have learnt until now, we understand that Cypress is a leading automation testing tool and those who use it can have a career in software testing that is both lucrative and fulfilling.

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