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Java stands out as the most favored programming language for developing a wide range of applications, including desktop, web, enterprise, and Android applications. It adheres to the principles of object-oriented programming, incorporating concepts like objects, classes, inheritance, and polymorphism. Java is equipped with open-source libraries like Maven, Apache, and more.

 The fundamental aspect of the Java language is known as “Core Java,” also referred to as Java Standard Edition (JSE or J2SE). Core Java encompasses all the essential concepts of the Java language, including object-oriented principles such as classes, polymorphism, and inheritance. It also encompasses packages, wrapper classes, and pre-defined methods. Core Java finds extensive usage in the development of Windows and desktop applications.

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QA Training Hub provides comprehensive Core Java online training in various locations in India, including Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, and Gurgaon, as well as worldwide in the USA and UK. Our training program is designed to offer the best Core Java training.

 Our expert trainers provide detailed explanations of Java classes, objects, and packages. We guide you through the concepts of object-oriented programming using simple and easy-to-understand programs. Our focus is on all the fundamental object-oriented concepts, including Class, Object, Inheritance, Polymorphism, and Encapsulation. We use simple example programs to illustrate these concepts, ensuring easy understanding.

 During the training, we cover all the basic classes included in the JDK (Java Development Kit). We explain each package present in the JDK and discuss the classes they contain. This comprehensive training equips you with a strong foundation in Core Java.

 Enroll in our Core Java online training program at QA Training Hub and enhance your Java programming skills. Gain a deep understanding of object-oriented programming concepts and master the essential classes and packages in the JDK.


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Java is an object oriented programming language created by the Sun Microsystems. Sun Microsystems was later acquired by Oracle in 2010. The latest version of Java available is 1.7 known as Java 7. Java is an open sourceand can be downloaded from http://www.java.com/

Java is an easy to learn programming language. It is easy to write, compile, debug and execute java code. The most significant feature of java is that it is platform independent.Java source code is executed into byte code which is platform independent. Therefore java programs can be easily executed from one system to another.

The components of Java are the compiler, interpreter and the runtime environment. The components are developed using secure code.

Advantages of using Java:

  • Write once and run anywhere.
  • Consists of automatic memory management.
  • Java programming is network centric.
  • Java code is dynamic and easily extensible.
  • Consists of in-built internationalization feature for coding.
  • Java consists of powerful API which increases the efficiency of java code.


The source file of java can be written as plain text documents in the IDE (Integrated Development Environment). The IDE supports a programmer in many ways like auto-formatting the source code, highlighting the key words etc. From creating a project, we guide you on how to use the IDE step by step.

Our expert trainers explain you in detail about all the java classes, objects and packages. We also guide you through the object oriented concepts using simple and easy to learn programs.

Enterprises look for testing professionals who can easily manage automated tools. Learning only tools and its functions is not sufficient for a testing professional. A successful test engineer should have the ability to code.

For example, when working with automated tools like Selenium, it is essential to know java programminglanguage for writing effective test cases. In our training we teach you about automated tools that use java and how to write test cases using Java programming language.

Core Java is used for developing simple java applications. Core Java consists of various concepts like variables, operations, classes and objects, fields, constructors and methods.

Core Java Concepts:

  • Variables – Variables are used for holding values.
  • Operations – Operations are performed to process the data stored in the variables. There are two types of operations namely variable operations and program flow.
  • Classes – Classes are used forgrouping variables and operations together. A class consists of fields, constructors, and methods.
  • Objects – Objects are instances of classes.
  • Fields – Fields are variables that belong to a certain class or object.
  • Constructors – Constructors are special methods created during an object creation.
  • Methods – Methods consists of a group of operations that carry out a specific function.


Java’s standard set of classes are included in the Java Development Kit (JDK) which provides the core functions in java. Some of the standard classes included in JDK are java.lang, javax.io, java.applet, and java.net.

  • java.lang – java.langis the language package which consists of the basic required classes like Object, String, Thread, and System required in coding java.
  • java.io – java.io package consists of InputStream and OutputStream
  • java.applet – java.applet package consists of Applet and AudioClip.


We focus on all the object oriented concepts which include Class, Object, Inheritance, Polymorphism and Encapsulation. We also teach you all the object oriented concepts using simple example programs for easy understanding.

We train you on all the basic classes included in the JDK. We explain you about each and every package present in JDK and the classes it holds.

Testing professionals should have the ability to code so that it becomes easy to write test cases. When working with automated tools like Selenium, it is essential to know java programming for writing test cases. In our training we teach you about automated tools that use java and how to write test cases using Java programming language.

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Getting Started with Java SE

  • What is Java?
  • History of Java
  • How to get Java
  • A first java program
  • Compiling and interpreting application
  • The JDK Directory Structure
  • Inside JVM
  • Features of JAVA

Datatypes and Variables

Operators and Expressions

Control Flow


Object-Oriented Programming

Inheritance in Java

Inner Classes and Packages








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