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Selenium with Java

Benefits of Opting for a Selenium with Java Course:

Industry-Standard Tool: Selenium with Java is widely recognized and used as an industry-standard tool for web automation testing.

Compatibility: Selenium with Java is compatible with all major browsers and operating systems, providing versatility in test automation.

Cross-Platform Testing: Java’s platform independence allows Selenium scripts to be executed seamlessly across different operating systems, making it suitable for cross-platform testing.

Rich Ecosystem: Java offers a rich ecosystem of libraries and frameworks that can be integrated with Selenium, enabling advanced testing functionalities.

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Selenium, developed by ThoughtWorks Inc., is an automated testing tool used for testing web applications. It is an open source available at docs.seleniumhq.org

Selenium supports all major browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera across all eminent operating systems like Windows, Linux and Macintosh. Selenium test cases support various programming languages like HTML, Java, C#, Ruby, Python and so on. Out of which the most widely programming language is Java.

The selenium suite consists of various components which include Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment), Selenium Core, Selenium RC (Remote Control), Selenium web driver and Selenium 2. Each component in the suite is specialized with a unique functionality. The entire suite provides a rich set of testing tools that support all types of web applications.

The Selenium IDE is the tool used to develop the test cases. It is an easy to use Firefox plug-in. Selenium RC is considered as Selenium 1 which is compatible with all the programming languages and various browsers. The Selenium web driver provides a simple and concise programming interface.

Unique features of Selenium:

  • Testing can be done on multiple browser platforms and enables browser compatibility testing
  • Covers a wide range of platforms and programming languages
  • Enables system functional testing
  • Provides flexibility by running multiple tests at the same time>
  • As an open source, Selenium’s source code can be easily downloaded and modified


Selenium provides the best option for enhancing your career in the testing industry. By learning Selenium automation testing, you can achieve more in less time. As Selenium is rapidly growing in the industry, we provide you with real time experience and train you to automate any web application on your own. Our instructors will also give you guidance to write Selenium test cases using Java programming language

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Course Content

Selenium Testing Online Training

  • Introduction to Automation
  • Introduction to Selenium
  • Selenium Components
  • Selenium IDE
  • HTML and JavaScript for Selenium
  • Fire Bug, Xpath and CSS
  • About Eclipses
  • Core Java for Selenium
  • Java Introduction
  • Loops, Arrays and Functions
  • Object Oriented Programming- 1
  • Object Oriented Programming -2
  • Packages, Access Modifiers/Exception Handling
  • Collection API/Reflection API
  • String, File Handling, Log4j, /Handling XLS files
  • Junit 4 Framework / ANT
  • TestNg Framework / ANT
  • Introduction to selenium RC
  • Selenium RC Features
  • Selenium RC Pop Up and Tab handling
  • What is a WebTable?
  • Selenium RC – Data Driven Framework
  • DataDriven Framework with Junit and Selenium RC
  • Selenium Grid
  • Grid 2 with WebDriver,TestNg
  • Selenium Grid 2
  • Advanced Selenium 2.0 – Web driver
  • Selenium WebDriver Part- 1
  • Selenium WebDriver Part- 2
  • Selenium Webdriver – Part-3
  • Selenium WebDriver – Part-4
  • Test Automation Frameworks
  • Junit and Hybrid Framework

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