Admission & Registration Terms:

The following Admission and Registration terms are mandatory for all courses offered by QA Testing Hub in Hyderabad, India:

  1. Course Registration:
    Every student has the freedom to register for multiple courses without any limitations. The registration process allows students to enroll in any number of courses based on their preferences and academic needs. However, it is necessary to follow the class schedule and timing of each course.
  3. Course Fee:
    The course fee must be paid in Indian Rupees as an advance payment.
  5. Demo Classes:
    After registration, each student is entitled to three Demo Classes for one course, free of charge. It is not possible to register for or attend Demo Classes for more than one course simultaneously. If you wish to register for multiple courses, you need to pay the fee for the first course before registering for the second course.
  7. Tuition Fee:
    Each course has a unique tuition fee, and the fee structure is subject to change as determined by the management. It’s important to note that the tuition fee may vary across different courses, and any revisions to the fee structure will be made at the discretion of the management.
  8. Fee Refunds and Adjustments:
    The course fee will not be refunded or adjusted for other course registrations.  
  9. Materials:
    Soft copies, of course, materials will be provided only after the student pays the full course fee.
  11. Fee Payment Confirmation:
    Fee payment confirmation will be provided through email communication.
  13. Management Discretion:
    The management holds the final authority regarding admissions, academic activities, timetables, course contents, material dispatch, fee payments, certification, copyrights, and placement support.
  15. Arbitration and Legal Matters:
    All arbitration and legal issues will be limited to the Courts of Law in Hyderabad, India.
  Please note that these terms and conditions are subject to change, and any updates will be communicated by the management.