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Android Testing:

Android testing is a crucial part of app development. Its main goal is to make sure that the app works as expected, without any bugs, and provides a smooth user experience. There are different tools and frameworks available for Android testing, such as JUnit, Espresso, UI Automator, Robolectric, and Mockito. By following best practices, developers can write effective, efficient, and easy-to-manage tests for Android apps.

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QA Training Hub offers comprehensive online Android testing training institutes in the USA, UK, and parts of India, including Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon. With the continuous introduction of new Android applications in the market, it has become essential to ensure their safety and security due to the increasing number of users.

 Our training program begins with the fundamental concepts of mobile applications, providing a solid foundation for Android testing. We cover various types of testing, including functional, usability, performance, and security testing, among others. Additionally, we guide you through the strategies and best practices involved in testing an Android mobile application, equipping you with the necessary knowledge and skills for effective testing.

 As part of our program, we provide real-time training on the automation tools available for testing Android devices. You will gain hands-on experience with these tools, allowing you to efficiently test Android applications and enhance their quality. Our experienced trainers are dedicated to imparting practical knowledge and insights into the field of Android testing.

 Enroll in QA Training Hub’s online Android testing training program and expand your expertise in testing Android applications. Stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of mobile app testing by acquiring the skills needed to ensure the functionality, security, and user experience of Android applications.

QA Training Hub – Online Android Testing Training Institutes in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, India, USA, UK, Canada.

Mobile testing is the process of testing a mobile application for its functionality, consistency and usability. Mobile application testing can be performed using emulators, physical devices and cloud testing solutions.

As emulators are available for free, they can be used easily to perform UI, performance and stress tests. The physical device can be used to perform all types of testing and give 100% accurate results. Using cloud testing solution, the applications are accessed through a browser and tested.

Mobile application testing is challenging as it involves a vast and variety of mobile devices which differ in screen size, hardware capabilities, system, and mobile network operators.

Mobile testing is an essential process in the application development lifecycle. Before a new application is launched, it is very important that it surpass the mobile testing phase. As a test engineer you should be able to test on all aspects of the application from spelling to functionality.

At our training center we train you on the various types of mobile testing. We provide you real time projects through which you can gain experience in mobile testing. We also give you an exposure to all the available tools on mobile application testing.

Android is the most widely used operating system for mobile devices and tablets. It is a Linux based operating system, developed by Google. Android framework is licensed under Apache License. The latest operating system version released by Android is 4.4,Kitkat. It supports a vast range of applications available under Android Play Store.

The Android framework consists of an integrated testing environment which can be used to test all aspects of an application. The testing environment is enriched with powerful tools that can be used to test every individual aspect of an application.

For running android applications, the framework provides SDK (Software Development Kit) tools. SDK tools isused both in an emulator and in a real android device. SDK tools support both Eclipse IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and command line prompt.

Android testing is based on JUnit. The types of android application testing are integration testing, unit testing, performance testing, and functional testing.

  • Unit testing – tests the functionality of an application.
  • Functional testing – tests for the completeness and correctness in an application.
  • Integration testing – tests how components work together in an application.
  • Performance testing – tests for the stability and performance of an application.

Android is the most popular operating system in the smart phone world. Android operating system is supported by a wide range of mobile devices. Learning android mobile testing gives you a better career growth and enhances your prospects in the testing industry.

Being an open source, new android applications are introduced in a massive number in the market day by day. Therefore the numbers of users are also increasing day by day. Users prefer applications that are safe and secure to use.

We provide you training starting from the basic concepts of mobile applications, we teach you the various types of testing, the strategies involved and the best practices involved in testing an android mobile application. As part of our program we give you real time training on the various automation tools available for testing android devices.

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Course Content

1.0 Introduction to Mobile Applications

  • What is Mobile Application
  • What is Mobile Application Testing
  • Mobile Market, Platforms and Ecosystems
  • Overview of Main Mobile Platforms

2.0 Foundational Concepts

3.0 Overview of Mobile Applications

4.0 Challenges in Mobile Application Testing

5.0 Types of Mobile Application Testing

6.0 Mobile Testing Terminology and Checklist

7.0 Tools necessary For Mobile Application Testing

8.0 Agile Methodology for Mobile Application Testing

9.0 Best Practise on Real Time Mobile Applications

10.0 Overview on Mobile Application Automation Tools