Common interview questions for a fresher in the field of Software Testing

November 17, 2023
software testing interview questions

1. What is Software Testing?
Answer: Software testing is the process of evaluating a software application to identify any bugs, errors, or defects. The goal is to ensure that the software functions correctly and meets the specified requirements.

2. Why is Software Testing important?
Answer: Software testing is crucial to ensure the quality and reliability of software. It helps in identifying and fixing defects early in the development process, which ultimately saves time and costs. Testing also ensures that the software meets user expectations and works as intended.

3. What are the different types of testing?
Answer: There are various types of testing, including:
Unit Testing
Integration Testing
System Testing
Acceptance Testing
Regression Testing
Performance Testing
Security Testing

4. Explain the difference between Verification and Validation.
Answer: Verification focuses on checking whether a product adheres to its specifications, while validation ensures that the product fulfills the intended use. In simpler terms, verification answers “Are we building the product right?” and validation answers “Are we building the right product?”

5. What is the difference between Smoke Testing and Sanity Testing?
Answer: Smoke testing is a preliminary test to check whether the major functionalities of the software are working, while sanity testing is a subset of regression testing, usually performed after specific changes, to ensure that the recent changes haven’t adversely affected existing functionalities.

6. What is a Test Case?
Answer: A test case is a detailed procedure or set of conditions that are executed to verify the functionality of a software application. It includes inputs, execution steps, and expected results.

7. Explain the term ‘Bug’ in the context of software testing.
Answer: A bug is a flaw or a defect in a software system that causes it to produce incorrect or unexpected results. Bugs can occur in any phase of the software development life cycle and need to be identified and fixed.

8. What is Regression Testing?
Answer: Regression testing involves retesting a software application to ensure that new code changes haven’t adversely affected existing functionalities. It helps in maintaining the integrity of the software after modifications.

9. Can you explain the concept of Boundary Testing?
Answer: Boundary testing involves testing the application at the boundaries of allowed inputs. The goal is to check how the software behaves when inputs are at the edge or just beyond the permissible limits.

10. What is the significance of Test Plans?
Answer: A test plan is a document that outlines the testing approach, objectives, resources, schedule, and deliverables for a software testing effort. It provides a roadmap for the testing process and helps in effective test management.

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