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Scripting is a simple programming language specified for simple tasks. It integrates and communicates with other programming languages like HTML, Java and C++. Scripting language consists of a set of instructions that is used to verify whether the system under test is executing as per the specified requirements. Some of the common scripting languages used in automation testing are Unix Shell Script, VB Script, Groove, Java Script, Python, Perl and Ruby.

Scripting languages are easy to write and use. It is mostly used for small simple tasks. Scripts are written primarily for run time environments.Script programming languages are written and executed in software applications, web pages,the shells of operating system and, so on.

Types of scripting languages:

  • Command scripting languages – Oldest scripting language used for supporting regular expression matching. E.g. JCL (Job ControlLanguage) and shell language.
  • Application scripting languages–Developed in the 1980’s. It is primarily used for user interface programming and component embedding. E.g. Visual Basic, JavaScript and VB Script.
  • Markup languages – Uses tags and its primary usage is to separate the contents and structure in a web page. E.g. SGML, HTML and XML.
  • Universal scripting languages–These were mainly created for the Unix platform. E.g. Perl, Ruby and PHP.


In our training program, we focus on the most popular scripting languages like Unix with advanced shell scripting, Perl with advanced scripting, VBScript and Groove. We train you on how to code using the various scripting languages and how scripting language becomes useful in the testing domain.

We train you to write and execute scripts on your own. We make you write scripts for various scenarios through which you gain expertise and confidence. We also include real time projects to get a better understanding about the scripting languages and how it executes.

A Shell Script is a set of commands executed by the Unix Shell. Unix is a multiuser and multitasking operating system. The Unix shell is a command line interpreter. A shell script is created using any text file like notepad and the shell executes commands in the same order as typed in the notepad.

Shell scripting is written using shell commands like $shell, $path, pwd, etc. Shell functions in the similar way to batch files found in MS-DOS. The default shell in Unix is called as Bash Shell.

Shell scripts directly enter interpretation without compilation. Shell supportsprogramming concepts likeloop constructors, arrays, variables and functions. It also supports file and directory concepts.

The benefits of using shell scripting are that shell scripts are executed faster than the other programming languages, possibility to automate the frequently used tasks and it is easy to use and understand.

Features of Shell Scripting:

  • The script written in shell case sensitive
  • It’s easy to interact with the kernel using shell scripts
  • Saves time by enabling automation of tasks
  • The function written shellscript can pass arguments to them
  • Using the commands “man” and “help”

The advantages of using Shell for test automation in Unix

  • Most of popular shells are open source and therefore it is free of cost
  • The scripts developed are very powerful
  • The scripts are easily extendable
  • Provides color highlighted test reports
  • Provides portability to other Unix and Windows platforms

The types of shells available in Linux are Bash and CSH. Bash uses the prompt “$” which is the replacement of “sh” shell and CSH uses the prompt “%” which uses the syntax that is similar to “C” language.

Our syllabus includes all the essential commands in Unix that is used for shell scripting. We give you training using real time projects to give a better understanding about shell scripting. We also provide you with exercises for practicing commands.Our expert trainers guide you through advanced shell scripting and its influence in the testing domain.

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Course Content

Unix and Shell Scripting

  • Overview of Operating System
  • UNIX File System Architecture
  • File System of UNIX
  • Different UNIX Commands
  • Links
  • Complex Filters
  • Working with files
  • Working with directories
  • Displaying files
  • Simple Filters
  • Zip Files
  • Printing Files
  • Input & output redirection
  • Shell Meta characters
  • More Filters
  • Regular Expressions & Patterns
  • How C programs are useful for solving problems in UNIX
  • UNIX Commands
  • Backup Utilities
  • Piping
  • File Permissions
  • Communication Commands
  • Networking commands
  • Disk Utilities
  • Job control
  • Prcoess Status
  • Job scheduling
  • ed, ex and vi editors
  • What is shell scripting?
  • Backslash character constants Variables
  • Conditional statements
  • Looping statements