About Course

QA Training Hub offers high quality and state-of-art real-time practical trainings on several Microsoft Technologies. Our main focus is on SQL DBA which enables students to understand its process and benefits viz. easy access to data, easy integration and reporting the data, easy sharing of information, powerful analysis of information, powerful analysis of information, massive scale and readiness for future. This online training program in SQL Server DBA will enhance the learning and skills of database developers, database administrators and business intelligence developers.

Course Content

Introduction to SQL SERVER

  • Responsibilities of Database Administrator
  • Types of DBA’s
  • History of Sql Server – Versions
  • What’s new in Sql Server 2012 for Administrators
  • Editions of SQL server
  • Tools of SQL server
  • Difference between enterprise and Standard editions
  • Requirements – Hardware and Software
  • Instances – Default Instance and Named Instance
  • Sql Server Services
  • Client Server Connectivity Issues

Installing and Configuring SQL Server

Working with Databases


Backup and Restore



Automation Administrative tasks

High Availability

Working with Database Mirroring

Advanced Administration Concepts

Monitoring and Tuning SQL Server

Monitoring Tools

Managing Concurrency

Managing Database

SQL Server Up Gradation

Using DBCC commands

Resource Governor

Trouble Shooting SQL Server

Clustering in Sql Server