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SoapUI is a functional testing tool that is useful in cross-platform testing. It is an open source that can be downloaded from its home site: soapui.org. The latest version of SoapUI available is 5.0.

SoapUI consists of a user-friendly graphical user interface. Its enterprise class features enable users to easily develop and execute functional, load and compliance tests. It also supports protocols and technologies like include SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), REST (Representational State Transfer), JMS (Java Message Service), JDBC (Java Database Connectivity), AMF (Action Message Format) and HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol).

SoapUI is one of the most widely used Web API (Application Programming Interface) testing tools. Using SoapUI, you can perform functional testing and automatic scenario-based testing. It also supports security testing and service simulation. LoadUI is an integrated component of SoapUI that is used to perform load testing.

SoapUI provides support for testing databases and other rich internet applications and so on.SoapUI is a desktop application that is written using Java Swings. It supports Groovy and JavaScript scripting languages. SoapUI supports all major operating system that include Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Why use SoapUI?

  • Provides a stable and robust testing environment
  • Supports web service automation testing
  • Supports web service regression testing and load testing
  • SoapUI is available as an open source and supports cross platform

In our course, we teach you to write simple and advanced test scenarios. The course also include teach you to create new TestSuite and adding test cases. Starting from how to create a project, we give you a big picture on all the functionalities that is present in the SoapUI testing environment.

We give an understanding about all the protocols and API supported by SoapUI. Our professional trainers guide you on how to perform web service testing, functional testing, performance testing and regressing testing using SoapUI testing tool.

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Course Content

SOAP UI Online Training

  • About webservices
  • Installation of SoapUI
  • Working with SoapUI tool
  • Creating & Reading properties at different levels
  • Transferring properties
  • Assertions, Xpath & Loops
  • Data driven testing
  • Transferring properties
  • Groovy Scripting Basics
  • Groovy Scripting part -1
  • Data Driven Testing with SoapUI tool
  • Data parameterization using Text file