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SDLC is the software development lifecycle that every software application undergoes during its development. The sequence of activities in SDLC are executed by many experts like analysts, designers, and users. The analyst studies the requirement of the system, the designer designs the system, and the user is an entity in the system.

The key phases of SDLC are preliminary investigation, analysis, design, development, testing, implementation and maintenance.

UML stands for Unified Modeling Language. UML is the diagrammatic approach of the software application that is to be developed. The diagrams in UML represent the user interactions with the system. Some of renowned companies that implement UML are HP (Hewlett-Packard), Microsoft, Oracle and IBM.

In UML, the logical structure is represented by class diagrams, the objects and links are represented by object diagrams, the behavior is represented by state diagrams, the physical structure of the software is represented by component diagrams, the mapping of software to hardware configuration is represented by deployment diagrams and the flow of events in Use-Case are represented by activity diagrams

UML implementation SDLC Phases:

  • Preliminary Investigation – Use cases are used to gather requirements from the customer.
  • Analysis – Class diagrams are used to show the relationships between the use cases.
  • Design – Modeling of classes are done in this phase.
  • Development – The UML diagrams prepared in the design phase are referred and code development is done.
  • Testing – The different testing diagrams of UML are used to test the software.
  • Implementation – Deployment of the system take place.
  • Maintenance – Modifications and enhancements are made for effective usage of the system.


We provide you in-depth knowledge on how each phase of SDLC is implemented in developing a software application and how SDLC is represented through UML diagrams. We discuss about UML views, diagrams, relationships, and modeling elements and their benefits. Understanding the concepts of SDLC and UML is considered as a basic qualification for a testing analyst.

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Course Content

SDLC/UML Online Training

  • SDLC Basics
  • What is Project?
  • RealTime Project Terms
  • What is SDLC?
  • SDLC – Overview
  • SDLC – Waterfall Model
  • SDLC – Iterative Model
  • SDLC – Spiral Model
  • SDLC – V-Model
  • SDLC – Agile Model
  • SDLC – Software Prototype
  • UML – Architecture
  • UML – Modeling Types
  • UML – Basic Notations
  • UML – Standard Diagrams
  • UML – Use Case Diagram
  • UML – Class Diagram
  • UML – Object Diagram
  • UML – Component Diagram
  • UML – Deployment Diagram
  • UML – Interaction Diagram
  • UML – State chart Diagram
  • UML – Activity Diagram