About Course

OpenUI5 is an open source project maintained by SAP SE. It is a JavaScript application framework designed to build cross-platform business. OpenUI5 is based on JavaScript, jQuery, and LESS. SAP UI5 is a highly useful in application development.

It helps to develop responsive web applications both with static content and dynamic content (Server side). Students with knowledge and practice of ui5 and fiori will be able to develop cloud applications for desktop and mobile devices.

QA Training Hub Hyderabad’s SAP UI5 online training program helps to create applications for mobile using SAP UI5 framework. Our online training program is very helpful for developers looking forward to enhance their knowledge in SAP enabled mobile frameworks. Those with familiarity with Object-oriented programming and technology consultants will find this program suitable.

Course Content


  • Installing SAPUI5
  • SAPUI5 Tools
  • Versioning of SAPUI5
  • Upgrading jQuery for SAPUI5
  • Documentation

Before you Start

Getting Started with SAPUI5


Application Best Practice

Initializing and Loading SAPUI5

Models and Data Binding

Building the UI

Structuring SAPUI5 Applications


Building Mobile Applications with SAPUI5


Testing in SAPUI5