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SAP stands for System Applications Products. It is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) that provides client/server business solutions. SAP provides a centralized system for information and data management.

SAP consists of a number of department specific modules that are integrated to perform the business functions ofan enterprise. The most widely used functional modules are sales and distribution, finance and controls, material management, production planning, plant maintenance and human resource.

The types of testing that are performed on SAP applications are functional testing, integration testing, regression testing, authorization testing and performance testing

  • Functional testing – Functional testing is the initial testing phase. It tests the functionality of the system and locates errors.
  • Integration testing – Integration testing tests how various modules work together in the system. It consists of multiple iterations.
  • Regression testing – Regression testing ensures that system’s functionality remains the same after introduction or modification of modules.
  • Authorization testing –Authorization testing is also known as user profile testing which ensures users with particular role are authorized to access the system.
  • Performance test – Performance testing tests for the stability and performance of the application


Testing SAP applications is an essential to enterprises as they are highly dependent on SAP applications for its business functionalities. SAP is considered as the backbone of an enterprise.

SAP stands first in the ERP market. It provides more than 25 industry-specific business solutions all over the world. SAP has reached more than 1, 40,000 installations world-wide. Learning SAP testing gives you a better career prospect all around the world.

We have experienced trainers who can give you in depth knowledge about the concepts used in testing SAP. We train you on both manual and automate testing that is used for testing SAP applications. We give you a vast knowledge on various automated tools available for testing SAP applications.

We focus our training on testing SAP applications and ensuring that it is built in accordance to the business requirements.

The main functional modules in SAP are categorized into logistics module, financial module, cross application module and human resource management module.

Each module is further categorized as follows:

  • Logistics Module – Sales and Distribution(SD), Materials Management(MM), Production, Planning and Control(PP), Product Data Management(PDM), Quality Management(QM), Plant Maintenance(PM), Service Management(SM), Project Management)
  • Financial Module – Financial Accounting(FI), Controlling(CO), Investment Management(IM), Treasury(TR), Enterprise Control(EC)
  • Cross Application Module – Workflow(WF), SAP Office
  • Human Resource Module – Personnel Management, Organizational Management, Payroll Accounting, Time Management, Personnel Development, Training and Event Management

The modules that we are going to discuss in our course SAP Sales and Distribution(SD), SAP Materials Management(MM), SAP Financial Accounting(FI) and Controlling(CO) and SAP HR(Human Resources).These modules integrate with each other and establish the business functionalities.

SAP SD – SD takes care from taking the order to delivering the goods. Some of the activities carried using this module are receiving orders from customers, delivering the products to customers, billing to customers on the products sold and so on.

SAP MM–MM takes care of procurement and inventory functions that are take place in day to day business activities. Some of the activities carried out in this module are purchasing and receiving goods, material storage, inventory and so on.

SAP FICO–FICO is an essential module and it takes care of the financial transactions. These transactions are helpful in generating external reports that is used for finding out the financial position of the company.

SAP HR – HR takes care of all the functions from employee hiring to employee termination in the organization.

Our SAP experts give you training on SAP functionalities in detail. We focus on all the major modules of SAP and how it is useful to an enterprise.

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Overview of Testing

  • Definition
  • Importance of Testing

Concepts of Testing

Defect Management Life Cycle/ Bug Life Cycle

Manual Testing and Automation

Test Management Tool

Brief Overview about ERP

Difference between R/3 and EP(SAP) ASAP Methodology

Go Live & Support Types of Projects

Upgrade Project SAP Modules

SAP Testing Types


SAP Modules In1troduction

SAP Navigations

Sales & Distribution (SD)

Material Management (MM)