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Robotium is an open source automation testing framework used for Android applications. It can be downloaded from its home site: code.google.com/p/robotium/ The Robotium’s current version available is 5.1 which is stable and more accurate than its previous versions. Robotium supports Android version 1.6 and above.

Robotium enables you to easily write powerful black-box UI tests for Android applications. Released under Apache license 2.0, Robotium is a free tool that can be downloaded for both individual and enterprise use. It is built on Java and JUnit3.

Robotium is used to write both white and black box testing. The white box testing tests the working of a software application whereas the black box testing tests the functionality of a software application.

In Robotium, the test cases can be executed using an Android emulator or on a real Android device. The test cases can also be executed in the command prompt. As it is an open source, users can contribute to enhance the features and functionalities of the tool.

Why learn Robotium?

  • Supports both native and hybrid Android applications
  • Does not require detail knowledge on the application that is under test
  • Manipulates multiple Android activities automatically
  • Easy to write solid test cases
  • Supports stable test cases
  • Quick execution of test cases


As Android market is growing rapidly in the market, testing Android devices has become an essential today. We teach you how on how to enhance and main Android applications through various test cases. Our professional trainers train you on how to write function test, system test and acceptance test scenarios spanning for various Android activities.

We enhance your testing skills by providing you complete knowledge on how to run JUnit on which Android testing is based and also in detail on which categories of tests require JVM and the categories of tests that require Android to run the unit tests.

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  • Introduction to Mobile Automation
  • Web Apps
  • Native Apps
  • Existing Mobile Automation Tools

Introduction to Android

Android Installation & Configuration

Android Basics

Android Testing Framework

Introduction to Robotium

Native App Automation