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Automation Anywhere
Introduction to Automation RPA : Automation isn’t new but the game has changed it’s no longer about expensive middleware never-ending ERP implementations or reliance on specialized teams to automate it’s about general-purpose
BOTS that can be trained to automate virtually anything automation anywhere RPA unleashes these Software BOTS to independently perform repetitive work throughout your company and to learn as they go the bots do this rapidly sustainably and without disturbing your existing infrastructure meaning no long-running IT integration projects or application silos in just a matter of weeks BOTS can be set up trained and working consistently on claims processing HR administration procure-to-pay quote to cash and thousands of other front and back office processes with tens of thousands of our BOTS processing routine work around the globe businesses in nearly every industry are reaping the benefits of using automation anywhere cost savings staff augmentation error reduction time savings and less business variability but best of all you’re also able to think create innovate and do the work.

Automation Anywhere Tool
Automation Anywhere is the only cognitive robotic process automation platform designed to automate any business process in the modern enterprise & continues its rapid growth in customers, partners and employee.
Automation platform designed to automate any business process in the modern enterprise & Automation anywhere is a developer of robotic process automation (RPA)software

Highlights of AA – RPM

  • Recorder (for Windows applications)
  • Keystrokes & Mouse
  • Program files& Windows
  • Logging to file
  • Manage window controls
  • Conditions,Loops,Pause and Delays
  • Image recognition
  • Integrating scripts and FTP Actions
  • OCR & Application Integration
  • Debugging Tasks

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Course Content

Introduction to AA – RPA (Automation Anywhere – Robotic Process Automation)

Robotic Process Automation Introduction and Overview

Automation Anywhere Basics

Automatiom Anywhere Architecture

AA Dashboard & Overview

Client Registration Control Room

Focus on Task Editor & AA Sections

Introduction To BOTS

What is bot?

Deep Dive in AA Bots

Types of Bots

Task Bots & Uses

Meta Bots and Uses

IQ Bots and Uses

Task Bots vs Meta Bots

Task Bots vs IQ Bots

Task Bots vs Meta Bots Vs IQ Bots

AA Dashboard & Recordings

What is Task & Recording?

Task Creation

Recording the Task

WEB Recorder

Screen Recorder

Object / Smart Recorder

Automation Anywhere Versions (Enterprise)

RPA (Strong Intro)

Cognitive (Strong Intro)

Analytics (Strong Intro)

Automation Anywhere 10.3 / 10.x version Features


Meta Bot


WEB Control Room

Assisted and Triggered Auto Automation (Scheduling & Event Trigger)

Upload & Download Task

Deploy Work / Project

Adding Clients & Operations

User Management & Repository AA

Various Configurations on Metabot Screens

Excel Intro & Excel Sessions in AA

Automation Anywhere Web Services

Files & Folders AA

Files and Folder Handling Mechanism

Log File

Cursor Commands (Insert – KeyStroke, Click, Move, Scroll)

Implementation of Conditional IF, LOOPS, String & Arrays in Automation Anywhere

Reading from Fields


Managing Windows Controls

Website Launch


Complex Commands AA