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PHP is an open source scripting language used for dynamic web page development. PHP can be connected with many databases. The most popular database used with PHP is MySQL. It is easy to access MySQL using PHP.

MySQL is the most widely used RDBMS(Relational Database Management System) on the web.It is available as an open source and can be downloaded from official site MySql.
MySQL is developed by Oracle Corporation. It is executed on the server and supports standard SQL.

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PHP and MySQL are used together in a number of functionalities. Some of the major functionalities are:

  • Banner Rotation – PHP scripts are used to call banners and display them in a website.
  • Forums – Forums are executed on a web page using PHP and MySQL.
  • Databases – All information in a website are retrieved from databases
  • Websites – Changing a website design is easier using PHP scripts and MySQL.


Advantages MySQL:

  • Fast and Easy to use.
  • Provides high reliability.
  • Available as an open source
  • Supports persistent connections.


MySQL database is used by both small and large applications. MySQL supports all major platforms like Windows, Linux, Netware, and so on. We train you on how to create powerful web pages using PHP and MySQL

Our aim is to teach you scripts that are used for accessing MySQL database. We also teach you the basics of webserver like Apache and how it is used with MySQL and PHP. Our experienced trainers teach you the connection process through step by step procedure which is easy to understand.

Our main focus is to explain you how PHP with MySQL is helpful in the testing field. Before testing an application, it is necessary to know how the application is developed and how it functions. Learning PHP with MySQL makes the testing job easier.

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Course Content

PHP Training Module1 – World Wide Web

  • Introduction to Website, Domain, FTP
  • Browsers
  • Web
  • Website
  • HTML relations with Browsers
  • Browser cache
  • File transfer requirements
  • What is server and what is client

Working with Different Tools

PHP Training Module2 – HTML & CSS

HTML Tags and other Elements

CSS Types and Properties

PHP Training Module3 – Javascript

PHP Training Module4 – Core PHP


String Functions


Differences and the cases where they are used

Session and Cookie

Database Management



Payment Gateway

Basics of Open Source -WordPress