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QA Training Hub – Perl Scripting Online Training from Hyderabad, India. Perl Online Training Hyderabad, Perl Online Training India, Perl Scripting Online Training from Indias.

Perl stands for Practical Extraction and Reporting Language and it is created by Larry Wall. Perl is a high level cross platform scripting language that supports object oriented programming. The programs written in Perl are called as Perl scripts.

Perl is an open source licensed under GNU General Public License. It can be downloaded from its website perl.org/. The latest version of Perl available is 5.8.3.

Perl supports both procedural and object oriented languages. It is widely used in system administration, web programming, network programming and database interaction. Perl has built-in support for text processing.

Benefits of using Perl:

  • It is free as it is an open source.
  • Easy to use.
  • Provides secure scripting.
  • Fast execution of scripts.
  • Portable to other operating systems like MS DOS, Machintosh, OS/2 and Unix.
  • Consists of very good documentation.

Perl features:

  • Consists of the beneficial features of the famous programming languages C, BASIC, awk, sed, etc.
  • Easily interfaces with external C/C++ libraries.
  • Third party databases including Oracle, Sybase and MySQL using its interface DBI
  • Markup languages like HTML and XML.
  • Supports Unicode.

Starting from simple syntax like variables, arrays and looping, we train you to write intricate programs that include files, I/O, string manipulation functions, and Perl modules. Our experienced trainers provide you in detail about the various syntax and semantics used in the Perl scripting language. We cover all the advanced concepts in Perl scripting like subroutines, regular expressions, SPAN and object oriented programming.

Perl provides various modules like LWP,WWW::Mechanize, and Test::More that are helpful for a QA professional. Our aim is to teach you the concepts of Perl with regard to the testing industry. We focus on how to perform automated tests using Perl scripting language.

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Course Content

Introduction to Programming

Introduction to Perl


Variable types and contexts

PERL Arrays

PERL Hashes

PERL Operators

Conditionals, Loops & Subroutines

Jump Keywords

Files and File handles


Pattern Matching and Regular Expressions

Accessing System Resources

Generating Reports with Perl

Perl and CGI

Packages and Modules

Database Connectivity using PERL