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Penetration testing:

The act of conducting web application penetration testing involves simulating attacks on a system to try and access sensitive data. The main goal is to assess the system’s security. These attacks can be conducted from within or outside the system and serve to gather information about the target system. By doing so, vulnerabilities within the system can be identified, and potential exploits that may compromise the system can be uncovered. Performing this essential health check allows testers to determine if any remedial actions or security measures are necessary.

Incorporating web application penetration testing into a security program offers several important advantages:

  1. Some industries explicitly mandate penetration testing. By conducting web application pen testing, you can fulfill these compliance requirements and ensure adherence to industry regulations.
  2. Public-facing infrastructure, such as firewalls and DNS servers, can become vulnerable due to changes or misconfigurations. Web application pen testing aids in identifying potential real-world attacks that could successfully breach these systems.
  3. Through web application pen testing, you can discover weaknesses in applications and pinpoint vulnerable paths within the infrastructure. This proactive approach allows vulnerabilities to be addressed before they are exploited by malicious actors.
  4. Web application pen testing assesses the effectiveness of existing security policies, identifying any potential weaknesses or gaps that could be exploited. This verification process helps ensure the robustness of your security measures.

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Security or Penetration Testing is an authorized testing process that is carried out by a professional tester to check the system for security vulnerabilities. The test is carried out without causing any harm to the system. The person who carries out the penetration test is known as the penetration tester or pen tester.

Some of the common vulnerabilities found in a system are configuration errors, design issues and software bugs. These errors are caused unknowingly during the development or implementation stage of the software life cycle. If not rectified, these may cause serious security issues to the system. Through penetration testing, these problems can be easily rectified.

It is carried out on a regular basis to ensure the security of an organization. Penetration testing can easily identify the security risks in the system and prevents system from exploitation. Pen testing helps to retain the corporate image.

Types of penetration testing

  • Wireless security test –targets both authorized and unauthorized wireless access points and checks for vulnerability.
  • Network penetration test – all the systems connected to the network are tested to find out its vulnerabilities.
  • Client-side penetration test – locate vulnerabilities in the client side software like web browsers and document editing programs.
  • Social engineering penetration test – targets people through phone calls and mails asking them to reveal their security credentials like passwords.

Data in certain departments like financial sector need to be handled securely and safely. Security breaches can cause severe financial loss to an organization. Starting from the basic terminology and concepts, we cover penetration testing in detail. We also train you on various tools that are available for penetration testing.

If you are new to pen testing, through this course we develop your skills and train you to pen test on all types of devices like web applications, servers, smart phones and its applications, all types of network devices and so on. By the end of the training you will be able to implement penetration testing on your own.

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Course Content

Introduction To Web application

Introduction to Security/Penetration Testing

HTTP Protocol

Need for security testing

Web servers and clients

Server-side and Client-side security controls

Types of web application security testing


Burpsuite, OWASP ZAP


Cross-site Scripting

Cross-site Request Forgery

Authentication Testing

Authorization Testing

Session Management

Security Misconfiguration

Missing functional level access controls

SSL & Configuration testing

Session Management testing

Brute force web applications

Parameter Manipulation

Other Attacks

Web application Penetration Testing Tools

Samurai WTF

Firefox security Add-ons

VAPT Methodologies

SQL WildCard attacks