About Course

PEGA, customer centric software brings a host of benefits viz. revenue growth, customer experience, and operational efficiency. With business efficiency as its goal, PEGA offers a unified environment for robust CRM, BPM, Case management and business rules.

With the help of Pega testing skills students will be able to test pega applications, ensure in finding defects at an early stage, and make them totally defect free. Students are also provided in-depth knowledge of PRPC (Pega RULES Process Commander) Debugging Tool inbuilt to test the Application).

Students of PEGA Testing online training program are provided hands-on training different types of testing viz. Flow based Testing (concentrates on Business flows (E2E), involving multiple roles and interfaces), Role based Testing (testing based on workgroups – Skills, UI etc), Rule based Testing (Business Rules & Technical Rules).

Students are also exposed to different debugging tools viz. Clipboard, Tracer, Rule Inspector/UI Inspector, PLA (PegaRULES Log Analyzer), PAL (Performance Analyzer) and AUT (Automated Unit Testing).

Course Content

PEGA Testing

  • Information of PRPC
  • Why use PRPC?
  • BPM System
  • PRPC Basics
  • Concept of Operator Id and Access Group
  • Concept of Property, Activity and Flow rule
  • Concept of Work Object, Work Basket and Work list
  • Flow,Activity,Section,Harness,Rule,Ruleset etc
  • PRPC System layout
  • Different User Portal
  • Creating Users in PRPC
  • Giving security in PRPC
  • Ruleset change
  • PRPC system for manual testing team and automation team
  • Pega Testing fundamentals
  • Pega testing using Pega tools(Clipboard, Tracer and PAL)
  • Concept of TMF
  • Life cycle of a Pega Project