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Microsoft Corporation is renowned for its leading personal computer industry. It is founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. The company is famous for its Windows operating system. The other famous products of Microsoft are Internet Explorer, and Windows Media Player. These two products are in-built to the Windows operating system.

.NET is one of the significant frameworks of Microsoft that provides a robust and versatile environment for building powerful applications. .NET supports both inter-language and inter-machine operability.

A software application can be developed easily and quickly using .NET technology. With the use of distributed computing, .NET carries out processing at numerous points throughout the network.

Microsoft Technologies:

  • Microsoft Languages – Some of the familiar Microsoft languages are .NET, ASP .NET, ADO .NET, C#.NET, and VB.NET.
  • Microsoft Software Engineering Tools –Some of the familiar software engineering tools are Microsoft Visual Studio.NET, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, and Microsoft Project Install shield.
  • Microsoft .NET Servers –Some of the familiar.NET servers are BizTalk Server2006, Application Center 2000, and Commerce Server 2007
  • Microsoft Middle Tier – Some of the familiar COM/DCOM, COM+, ATL COM, ActiveX, and IIS
  • Microsoft Solution Expertise –Some of the familiar solution enterprise are Supply Chain Management, Inventory and Product catalogue Management System and Human Resource Management System.

The technologies in the .NET framework are useful in creating web services, Web forms and Windows applications. Our trainers have extensive knowledge and experience in the .NET platform. We teach you how to link applications, information and data sources using web services.

Enterprises look for testing professionals who can easily understand the business logic that is written by developers and write test scripts according to it. Practical experience in the programming field is an essential to shine in the testing industry.

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Course Content

Introduction/Overview of .Net

  • Introduction to .Net
  • Platform for the .Net
  • Drawbacks of Current Trend
  • Net Framework – BCL & CLR l Key design goals
  • CLR, CTS, MSIL & other tools
  • Multiple Language Interaction & support l Moving from Project to Assemblies
  • Security in .NET – CAS

.Net Framework

Visual C#.Net Language

.Net Installations/C#.Net

Programming Using Visual C#.Net

Introduction To Windows Forms – I

Windows Forms – II

Object Oriented Concepts (Basic)

Object Oriented Concepts

Object Oriented Concepts (Implementation Oriented)

Error Handling

Ado.Net 1.1/2.0/Linq

Ado.Net Components

Data Sources And .Net Data Providers

Accessing Data In The Connected Environment

Accessing Data In Disconnected Environment

Sorting, Searching And Filtering

Live Case Study and Implementation Of ADO.NET in N-Tier