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jQuery Mobileis a web framework used for creating mobile applications.It is an open source available under the terms of MIT license. It can be downloaded from its home site: http://jquerymobile.com/download/.

jQuery Mobile provides a robust and well organized framework.jQuery Mobile provides touch friendly UI widgets that support animations and page transitions.

jQuery Mobile uses HTMl5, CSS3 and JavaScript that are compatible with all major smart phones, tablets, desktop applications and mobile browsers. Some of the major mobile platforms that support jQuery Mobile are iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Symbian and many more.

Advantages of jQuery Mobile:

  • Easy to learn and implement.
  • Compatible with cross-platform and cross-device.
  • Easy to develop touch friendly user interface.
  • Provides a feature rich and lightweight code.
  • Provides built-in support for Ajax navigations.
  • Easy to use its built-in layout, control and widget elements.

At our institute, we give you training on all the key concepts of jQuery Mobile. Our experienced trainers guide you on how to write functional mobile applications using jQuery Mobile. We teach you through simple example programs like adding form controls, navigating pages and adding transition effects.

Basic knowledge on HTML, CSS and jQuery make it easier to learn jQuery Mobile. As jQuery Mobile is built on jQuery, most of its syntax remains the same. Starting from the basics like creating the structure of a jQuery Mobile page, we focus on all the UI components of jQuery Mobile like buttons, lists, edit panels, popup menus, search bar, dialogs, and many more.

We train you on how to use jQuery Mobile in the testing domain. Smart phones and tablets have become very popular in recent times. With the introduction of jQuery Mobile, most of the applications are developed using it. To test mobile applications, it is essential to know the basics of jQuery Mobile.

We train you to write and execute new mobile applications on your own. We also include real time projects to give you a better understanding about the jQuery Mobile.

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Course Content

jQ Mobile Introduction

  • jQ Mobile Install
  • jQ Mobile Pages
  • jQ Mobile Transitions
  • jQ Mobile Buttons
  • jQ Mobile Icons
  • jQ Mobile Popups
  • jQ Mobile Toolbars
  • jQ Mobile Navbars
  • jQ Mobile Panels
  • jQ Mobile Collapsibles
  • jQ Mobile Tables
  • jQ Mobile Grids

jQ Mobile Lists

jQ Mobile Forms

jQ Mobile Events

Kinematics of the application