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jQuery is a well written JavaScript library. It is an open source available under MIT License and GNU General Public License. It can be downloaded from http://jquery.com/download/. jQuery simplifies client side scripting of HTML. It provides a simple and powerful syntax.

jQuery is compatible with all the leading browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera. Many famous companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, HP, and NetFlix make use of jQuery.

Some of the effective features of jQuery are HTML/DOM manipulation, CSS manipulation, HTML event methods, AJAX traversing, animations, and much more. jQuery consists of a vast number of plugins that make complex tasks easier.

Advantages of jQuery:

  • Easy to learn and master.
  • Improves the performance of the application.
  • Easy to create powerful and dynamic websites.
  • Provides fast and concise JavaScript library.
  • Provides enriched library.
  • Supports Ajax.
  • Highly extensible.
  • Provides detailed documentation support.


Learning jQuery becomes easier if you possess some basic knowledge on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. jQuery is the most popular JavaScript library used in the recent times. jQuery can be easily implemented on the well-known IDE Microsoft’s VisualStudio and NetBeans.

Microsoft’s IDE VisualStudio consists of inbuilt support for jQuery to use within Microsoft’s ASP .NET Framework and ASP .NET MVC Framework.

Some of the basic jQuery plugins are photo slideshows, photo galleries, form validation, tool tips, interactive charts, maps, music, background image animations and video players and much more.

In our training program, we focus on all the jQuery plugins that are used to create interactive and user friendly web pages. We train you on how to use jQuery and how it is useful in the testing domain. We train you to write and execute code on your own. We also include real time projects to give you better understanding about jQuery.

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  • What You Should Already Know
  • What is jQuery ?
  • Adding the jQuery Library to Your Pages
  • Basic jQuery Example
  • Downloading jQuery
  • Alternatives to Downloading

jQuery Syntax

jQuery – Basics

jQuery UI

jQuery – Selectors

jQuery – DOM Attributes

jQuery – DOM Traversing

jQuery – CSS Methods

jQuery – DOM Manipulation Methods

jQuery – Events Handling

jQuery – Effects