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HP Load Runner:

Let’s explore LoadRunner, a software testing tool developed by OpenText. It serves the purpose of testing applications by evaluating how they perform under load and measuring system behavior and performance.

LoadRunner possesses the capability to simulate an extensive number of concurrent users utilizing application software. It can record and analyze the performance of vital application components when subjected to heavy loads.

 To simulate user activity, LoadRunner generates messages between different application components or imitates interactions with the user interface, including key presses and mouse movements. These messages and interactions are stored in scripts. LoadRunner simplifies script generation by allowing users to record them, such as by capturing and logging the HTTP requests exchanged between a client web browser and an application’s web server.

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HP LoadRunner is an automated performance testing tool used to test the performance on both normal and peak usage. LoadRunner uses virtual users called V users which emulate real time users to test the application concurrently. LoadRunner can run thousands of Vusers on the same system which reduces the hardware requirements.

LoadRunner can monitor the application’s performance online that helps to fine tune the application. During the test, LoadRunner records the performance and gives the output in the form of graphs and reports. With the performance, LoadRunner also encounters the performance delay that occurs during the execution of the application through continuous monitoring of network and server resources. Example of performance delay like CPU performance, database locking and network delays.

LoadRunner consist of three smaller applications namely the VirtualUser Generator, the Controller and the Analyzer. The Virtual User Generator can simulate thousands of virtual users that generate real user loads on the application. The Controller is the application that executes the load tests. The Analyzer provides the pictorial representation of the system’s performance.

Why use LoadRunner:

  • Reduces manpower to a great extent through the use of virtual user or Vuser
  • Provides user friendly monitoring and analysis interface
  • Supports most of the protocols
  • Easily perform performance regression testing
  • HP provides full support for the tool through documentation


Performance testing plays a crucial role behind the success of any e-business. Therefore, any website developed should be extensively tested for performance and functionality. We give you training on how to ensure the quality and performance of an application using LoadRunner. We ensure that you get knowledge and experience on all types performance testing like load testing, stress testing, volume testing, capacity testing and reliability testing.

Our professional trainers teach you the LoadRunner testing process in detail which include planning the test, creating Vusers, creating and running a scenario and on how to analyze the test results. We give you training on a broad range of applications developed on various technologies.

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Load Runner

  • Volume Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Load Testing

Difference in types of Testing

Introduction of protocols in VuGen

Virtual generator

Parameterization in vuser scripts

Introduction to C

File Operations in C