Deep Learning

8 hours

About Course

Deep learning is an exciting branch of machine learning that uses data, lots of data, to teach computers how to do things only humans were capable of before. QaTrainingHub offers the best faculty to teach Deep Learning who is an RealTime Industry Expert & solving the problem of perception. Recognizing what’s in an image, what people are saying when they are talking on their phone, helping robots explore the world and interact with it.

Deep learning is emerge as a central tool to solve perception problems in recent years. It’s the state of the art having to do with computer vision and speech recognition. But there’s more. Increasingly, people are finding that deep learning is a much better tool to solve problems like discovering new medicines, understanding natural language, understanding documents, and for example, ranking them for search.

You will also train your first deep network and you’ll also learn to apply regularization techniques to train even bigger models with our qatraininghub Team. deep dive into images and convolutional models. all about text and sequences in general. We’ll train embeddings and recurrent models. This is going to be a very hands-on & professional course. you’ll be able to apply all this knowledge to new problems entirely by yourself with a handful of lines of code.

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Course Content

Advanced Data Science

  • Review of data analytics life cycle
  • Data analytics life cycle
  • Summary of per-phase techniques

Introduction to deep learning & unstructued data analysis

Python for data analytics

Pre-deep learning approaches for image based analytics

Pre-deep learning approaches for text based analytics

Neural networks for machine learning

Deep neural networks for machine learning

Practical deep learning networks

Deep learning frameworks

Applying deep learning approaches for text based analytics

Applying deep learning approaches for image based analytics