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C# programming language is developed specifically for the .NET framework. C# is an object oriented visual programming language. C# programming language is derived from C and C++ programs. It is the first component oriented language in the C/C++ family. C# is a modern, simple and type safe language.

C# is a modern language used for coding NGWS (Next Generation Windows Services) applications. NGWS is supported by the C# compiler and its runtime environment manages the execution of code. The NGWS simplifies the memory management.

Some of the unique features of C# are that it is made simple by removing the Pointers concept, it is compatible with a vast number of APIs (Application

Programming Interface) and type safety feature in C# ensures that there are no uninitialized variables.

Advantages of C# over C, C++ and Java:

  • Possess automatic garbage collection.
  • No need to declare classes and functions.
  • Possibility of defining classes within classes.
  • Automatic initialization of variables.
  • Effective event management using delegates.
  • Possess simplified multithreading.
  • Absence of header files.
  • Executes faster than Java.


We explain you the object oriented programming concepts in a simple and effective way. We also give you training on all C# components namely arrays, data types, namespace, classes, methods and properties, delegates and event handler, and interfaces.

Starting from basics, we give you in depth practical knowledge on each of the component through real time projects. We teach you through interactive sessions and our experienced and qualified trainers will clarify all your doubts on the spot.

Enterprises look for testing professionals who can easily manage automated tools. Learning just about tools and its functions is not sufficient for a good career perspective. To shine in the field of testing, one should have knowledge on both tools and the programming languages that is used for executing the tool. Knowledge of programming languages give professionals an easy way to run and manipulate automated testing tools.

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Course Content

C# .Net

  • Introduction to .Net
  • Platform for the .Net
  • Drawbacks of Current Trend
  • Net Framework – BCL & CLR l Key design goals
  • CLR, CTS, MSIL & other tools
  • Multiple Language Interaction & support l Moving from Project to Assemblies
  • Security in .NET – CAS

.Net Framework

Visual C#.Net Language

.Net Installations/C#.Net

Programming Using Visual C#.Net

Introduction To Windows Forms – I

Windows Forms – II

Object Oriented Concepts (Basic)

Object Oriented Concepts

Object Oriented Concepts (Implementation Oriented)

Error Handling

Ado.Net 1.1/2.0/Linq

Ado.Net Components

Data Sources And .Net Data Providers

Accessing Data In The Connected Environment

Accessing Data In Disconnected Environment

Sorting, Searching And Filtering

Live Case Study and Implementation Of ADO.NET in N-Tier



Creating Custom Windows Controls

Windows Services*

.Net Remoting