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Big data/Hadoop testing:

Exploring the Essence of Big Data Testing:

Big Data Testing refers to the process of thoroughly examining and validating the functionality of applications that deal with massive volumes of data. Big Data itself comprises an extensive collection of information that surpasses the capacity of traditional storage systems.

To successfully test such vast amounts of data, specialized tools, techniques, and terminologies come into play, which we will delve into in subsequent sections.

Strategies for Testing Big Data

Testing an application that handles terabytes of data requires a unique skill set and out-of-the-box thinking. The Quality Assurance (QA) team focuses on three primary scenarios to ensure comprehensive testing:

  1. Batch Data Processing Test: This scenario involves testing the application’s ability to process large volumes of data in batches, ensuring accurate processing and reliable results.
  2. Real-Time Data Processing Test: Here, the QA team examines the application’s capability to handle and process data in real time, ensuring timely and accurate results during live data streaming.
  3. Interactive Data Processing Test: This scenario focuses on testing the application’s responsiveness and performance when users interact with the data, such as by querying, filtering, and retrieving specific information.

By addressing these fundamental scenarios, the QA team can effectively evaluate the robustness and reliability of the Big Data application, ensuring its seamless operation and accurate handling of massive datasets.

QA Training Hub: The Top QA Training Institute

Providing Online Software Testing Tools and Training

QA Training Hub offers comprehensive online Big Data/Hadoop testing training institutes in various locations in India, including Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon, as well as in the USA, UK, and Canada. Testing big data is a challenging task due to its enormous size, but our training program equips you with the necessary skills.

Our experienced trainers provide you with real-time training experience, focusing on techniques for testing Hadoop. You will learn various aspects of Hadoop testing, including unit testing, integration testing, and performance testing. Our training covers all types of testing using real-world examples, ensuring practical knowledge and hands-on experience.

Whether you are in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, or any other location, our online training program allows you to access quality training from anywhere. Join our Online Bigdata/Hadoop testing training and enhance your skills in testing and analyzing large-scale data systems.

QA Training Hub – Online BigData/Hadoop Testing Training Institutes in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, India, USA, UK, Canada.

Apache Hadoop is a java based open source programming framework that supports huge amounts of data in a distributed environment. It is sponsored by the Apache Software Foundation. As Hadoop deals with vast amounts of data, it is associated with the phrase “big data”.

Hadoop architecture consists of two main components namely MapReduce and HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System). MapReduce is the java based processing part that is responsible for programming the tasks. It is also known as the Task Tracker. HDFS is responsible for the data storage. It is also known as the Data Node.

Some of the supplemented projects used with Hadoop are HBASE, PIG, HIVE, SQOOP, and ZOO KEEPER. These are used for the fast processing of big data. The Hadoop framework is widely used by top enterprises like Google, Yahoo and IBM. The operating systems supported by Hadoop are Windows and Linux.

Benefits of using Hadoop

  • Cost effective by storing data affordably per terabyte
  • Provides a fault tolerant environment
  • Provides affordable and flexible data storage
  • Provides a powerful framework
  • Redundant and reliable
  • Works with both structured and unstructured data


To deal with Hadoop, you need to have good analytical skills and some experience in java programming language. If you are new to java, adopt our Java course which gives you hands-on training on all the concepts of both basic and advanced java programming language with examples.

Due to its enormous size, testing big data is definitely not an easy task. Our trainers give you real time training experience on techniques on how to test Hadoop. We also train you on all types of Hadoop testing which include unit testing, integration testing, performance testing. We give you training on all the types of testing using real time examples.
For more information you can visit the Hadoop Official site here

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  • Introduction of Big Data Testing
  • Understanding what is Big data
  • difference between ETL and big data testing
  • Types of testing in BIGDATA

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