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Hadoop provides distributed processing framework formassive data sets. Hadoop is part of Apache Software Foundation. It is an open source and can be downloaded for free from its website: http://hadoop.apache.org.Hadoop is a java based programming framework.

Hadoop cluster consists of two layers namely the storage layer and the execution layer. Hadoop storage layer is composed of Hadoop distributed file system (HDFS)that responsible for data storage.The execution layer is composed of Hadoop Map Reduce responsible for data analysis. Map Reduce is responsible for parallel execution of jobs on multiple servers.

Hadoop consists of a virtual file system that connects many servers and accesses them as one huge system.Hadoop manages data size in Petabytes. The major components of Hadoop are Hive, HBase and Pig.

Hadoop framework is established in many renowned corporations like Google, Yahoo and IBM.

Advantages of Hadoop:

  • Simple – easy to write efficient code
  • Reliable – detects failures and redundant storage easily.
  • Fault tolerant – automatic suspension of failed jobs
  • Cost effective – provides storage for massive amount of data.
  • Fast – The unique storage method aids faster data processing.
  • Scalable – handles massive data through large number of nodes.


Hadoop is useful for managing massive data sets. Learning Hadoop has become an in-demand skill for any professional to sustain in the software industry. Our experienced trainers guide you through the implementation of Hadoop and explain you the key concepts used in Hadoop like HDFS and Map Reduce

Starting from simple concepts like how to configure simple and advanced clusters, and how to use the distributed file system, we guide you through creation of complex Map Reduce applications. Our aim is to train you to solve problems on your own.

This course is best suited for testing professionals as testing Hadoop application requires some basic knowledge on how Hadoop applications are developed and how it functions. Learning Hadoop makes the testing job easier. We also provide real time projects that give you better working experience with Hadoop.

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Course Content

Introduction to Hadoop

  • High Availability
  • Scaling
  • Advantages and Challenges

Introduction to Big Data

Introduction to Hadoop

The Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)

Map Reduce

Map/Reduce Programming – Java Programming