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AS/400 was earlier the IBM iSeries. AS/400 is a midrange server for small businesses or small departments of a large enterprise. It has been redesigned to work well in distributed networks with web applications.

AS/400 features, PowerPC microprocessor, reduced instruction set computer technology, multi-terabytes of disk storage and Java virtual memory. AS/400 has been developed with the idea to replace all PC servers and web servers. It competes with Wintel and UNIX servers for global market space.

QA Training Hub Hyderabad’s AS400 training program helps learners to master the architecture and configurations of these vital server machines. Our AS400 training programs covers a particular set of skills that includes WebSphere/Java, system administration, application development, virtualization and solutions.

Each student is provided hand-on experience in system storage, simplification and consolidation. Those choosing the system administrator path need to have a strong concentration on system security and media services. The learners of our AS400 training program are taught,

  • Control language programming and finer points of query tools like SQL
  • WebSphere/Java focus on development, monitoring and tuning of WebSphere applications and Java technologies
  • Taught to apply their administration skills to the emerging world of remote and virtual computing

QA Training Hub Hyderabad’s AS400 corporate training program presents a comprehensive coverage of AS400 concepts, ADTS, Query400, DB2/400, Control Language (CL400), RPG400, RPG4, ILE Concepts, OS400 Commands, SQL400, Real-time scenarios. By the end of our AS/400 training program, learners will be able to accomplish FTP to other server migration, Data migration to other databases like Oracle, SQL server, and usage of all real-time tools.

Graduates and postgraduates seeking a career in IT, and established professionals can register for our AS400 training program. For the former it means opening wide opportunities in system administration and application development. For the latter, it definitely enhances employment options and learning.

QA Training Hub Hyderabad’s AS400 training program helps learners to specialize in related areas viz. Enterprise technical support for AIX and Linux, Virtualization technical support for AIX and Linux, and Higher availability for AIX technical support and administration. Our AS400 corporate training program helps in skill enhancement of working administrators, developers and technical support personnel.

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Course Content

Application System-400

  • Why AS/400 ?
  • AS/400 is OS for IBM i ?
  • What you get by learning AS/400 OS?
  • AS/400 Terminology

OS/400 System Concepts, Architecture & Updates

DB2/400 (DDS Interface)

CL/400: CL Control Programming

IBM AS/400 – RPG Programming (RPG/400)

ILE (Integrated Language Environment)

Diifferent Module Techniques & Implementation