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Overview : Salesforce Online Training Course

Salesforce is a pioneer in cloud computing that covers all aspects of business viz. CRM, sales, ERP, customer service, marketing automation, business analytics, mobile application building, and more. With the advent of Salesforce, global businesses were able to do away with the need to install, configure, test, run, secure and update, in-house. Salesforce allows users to pay for what is needed, avail automatic upgrades and enjoy flexibility to scale-up or down the software.
QA Training Hub, Hyderabad the leader in IT training programs offers comprehensive Salesforce training - development and architecture programs. Our team of trainers have more than 20 years of combined experience in salesforce development and architecture. We help learners to design, develop and deploy CRM, integrated enterprise content management solutions and business implementations. Our trainers totally bridge industry's requirement for custom cloud applications with skilled force who can design and build cloud applications that are cost effective and offer faster time to market development

By the end of our Salesforce cloud computing program, each learner will develop proficiency in Apex coding, knowledge of Visual Force, understanding of S-Controls, ability to handle Salesforce Administration, knowledge of Workflow and Queues, understanding of Email inbound messaging, Dashboard Management
Extract, transform and load Data loader, Indepth understanding of Java, Javascript, php , .net, Web Services, and proficiency in SOQL, and MS Sql/Oracle.

QA Training Hub's salesforce trainees have a knack to understand the pulse of the client and beneficially map it to the market trends. The trainees can develop custom applications that can be easily integrated with one's existing CRM system with an assurance on lower costs, high quality and effective performance.

The effectiveness of Salesforce cloud computing is greatly dependent on the quality of training provided to developers. Our salesforce cloud computing training helps developers to achieve cost efficiency, resource optimization, quick and easy access to documents across multiple instruments (laptops, tablet PCs and smart phones), and finally rewrite the paradigm of business collaboration and management.

SALES FORCE Online Training Course Content

Why Sales Force ?
  • SalesForce In Realtime
  • What you get by learning SalesForce?
  • Introduction to SalesForce & SalesForce Terminology
Overview of Cloud computing
  • What is the cloud computing?
  • Types of cloud computings & services
  • Cloud Computing RealTime
What is
What are the Applications is used in Salesforce
  • Different Types of apps
  • how to setup an image to the app
Different Types of Objects
  • Standard & Custom Objects
Different Types of Fields
  • Standard Fields
  • Custom Fields
  • Lead convert
  • Types of Relationships
Different types of tabs
  • Custom Object Tab
  • Web Tab
  • Visualforce Tab
  • Field Dependency
  • Formula fields
  • Validation Rules
  • Page Layout
  • Record Types
  • Action buttons, links
  • Search Layouts
  • Search Results
  • Lookup Dialogs
  • Lookup Phone Dialogs
  • Accounts Tab
  • Accounts List View
  • Search Filter Fields
  • Setting up User Interface & DataManagement
  • Organization Wide Default
  • Roles
  • Role Hierarchy
  • Sharing Rules
  • Profiles
  • Permission Sets
  • manual sharing
  • Import wizard
  • Import / Export / Update using Apex dataloader
Different Types Email Templates in Salesforce
  • Text
  • HTML (using Letterhead)
  • Custom (without using Letterhead)
  • Visualforce
What are Workflow Rules
  • Creating Email Alert
  • Creating a Task
  • Field Update
  • Outbound Message
  • Setting an Approval process
  • overviwe of Repors,Report Types & Dashboards
  • How to get Field Access
  • Hands on Grant Login Access
  • Session Settings
  • Tracking the Field History in Salesforce
  • View setup audit trail
  • what are Password Policies
  • Chatter
  • Queues
  • Public Groups
  • Assignment Rules
  • Auto Response Rule
  • Email to Case
  • Web-to-Lead
  • Web-to-Case
  • Schema Builder
  • Renaming Tab Names and Labels
  • Merge tool
  • Deployment
  • Data Management
  • Analytic Snapshots
  • How to Import Accounts/Contacts
  • How to Import Leads
  • Importing Solutions
  • Import Custom Objects
  • Data Export
  • Storage Usage
  • Mass Transfer Records
  • Mass Delete Records
  • Mass Transfer Approval Requests
  • Mass Update Addresses
  • Data Loader Mechanism
  • Sand Box - Creation & Access
  • Development
  • Basics of development
  • What is Apex class
  • OOPS concept in RealTime Implementation
  • Access modifiers in apex
  • Data types supported by apex
  • Anonymous block
  • How to do DML Operations
  • Loops Implementing
  • Collections
  • What are Salesforce ID's
  • MVC pattern in RealTime
  • SOQL
  • SOSL
  • Naming in apex
  • Sample apex class
  • Constructer
  • How to execute apex class
  • Keywords in APEX & Introduction to Static, Method Override,Final, Abstract, Virtual
  • Triggers Agenda (at least 3 hrs)
  • Order of execution of trigger
  • What is Batch apex
  • What is Schedule apex
  • Understanding Execution Governors and Limits
  • Test class, Packages & Annotations
  • Introduction to visualforce page
  • How to create vf pages in RT
  • Vf architected
  • Sample vf pages
  • Controllers
  • Standard controller example
  • Static resource
  • How to show data in table format
  • Java script examples
  • Custom controller
  • Pagination
  • Action poller,Function,Support & Status
  • Implementing Wrapper classes
  • How to combine the different fields in a single table
  • How to create picklist in vfpages
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