QA Training Hub Hyderabad's jQuery Corporate Training offers web developers a complete grip on jQuery functionality, to develop rich and interactive web applications. Those with working knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript are eligible for our jQuery corporate training program.

jQuery is a fast and feature-rich JavaScript library. The chief benefit of jQuery is that, it makes things simple of HTML document traversal, manipulation, event handling, animation and Ajax to work across a multitude of browsers.

jQUERY Course Contents

  •     Introduction & jQuery basics
  •     jQuery Selectors
  •    jQuery-DOM attributes
  •    jQuery-DOM Traversing
  •     jQuery-CSS Methods
  •    jQuery-DOM Manipulation Methods
  •    jQuery-Effects
  •     jQuery-AJAX
  •     jQuery-JSON

The objectives of our jQuery corporate training are, to help students design and build rich and interactive web applications, create interactive user interface, allow for manipulation of HTML pages through jQuery library, create animations, and allow communicating with the server without reloading the page.

As understood, jQuery like JavaScript is used for greater web interactivity and effects. QA Training Hub Hyderabad's jQuery corporate training has been developed as per the current requirements of the IT industry. Our jQuery training helps java developers to achieve refinement in the development of web 2.0 applications. Developers will also be able to use jQuery along with JSP, Servlets, ASP, PHI, CGI and almost all the web programming languages.


AngularJS is one of the popular JavaScript frameworks. It has achieved greater acceptance in very short time. It is the easiest and simplified testing process for the better experience of developers which is maintained by Google. The chief benefit of AngularJS is that, it provides a more "civilized" and structured way of building complete JavaScript applications.

Features of AngularJS: Two way data binding, dependency injections, MVC architecture, directives and testing features and it follows Document Object Model (DOM) methodology which focuses mainly on improving testability and performance.

Benefits of AngularJS

  • Helps to handle the HTTP requests
  • Handles HTML template rendering tasks and routing
  • Develop code that is pretty neat and clean later to write JS in HTML files
  • JS codes will be inside separate modules therefore it'll be easy to reuse and minify
  • Availability of resources on AngularJS if you face any problem during development
  • Easy to work in parallel for designers and developers as templates (HTML) and JS are separated

QA Training Hub Hyderabad's AngularJS Corporate Training offers comprehensive guidance to learners on AngularJS development for mobile and web applications. By the end of the training program, the learners will be able to achieve easy development, simply the architecture, develop within lesser timeline, utilize lesser code and achieve increased development efficiency, and two-way data binding. Significantly, we connect our learners with the largest open source community of highly talented professionals and coders.

The course content focuses on various concepts of Front-end JavaScript development with AngularJS. The dependencies and decoupling properties are explained in detail. Each learner is exposed to learning in real-time with hands-on experience in the use of tools of AngularJS. However, learners should have basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript for gainful understanding of AngularJS modules. The course includes, introduction to AngularJS, Modelling and viewing, services and dependency injection, data binding and directive processes, single page applications formation and customized services.


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