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HP QC ALM online training
HP Quality Center ALM Online Training Course
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Overview : HP QC Application Lifecycle Management Training

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HP ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) HP was formerly known as the HP Quality Center. ALM is a test management software that ensures the quality assurance and testing process of an organization. It also supports the various phases of the software development life cycle. ALM is simple to use and user-friendly software. The current version of ALM available is 11.5.

ALM supports the Business Views functionalities like creating robust report designs. ALM also includes lab management which helps QA (Quality Assurance) professionals to create timeslots and plan the test executions. The PPT (Project Planning and the Tracking) in ALM QA (Quality Assurance) enables project managers to easily define and configure project plan and its milestones for every task.

The ALI (Artificial Lifecycle Intelligence) of ALM provides a decision support system useful in application delivery. It gives real time understanding on who is working on what, when, where and why. This information is delivered at a granular level which helps in decision making and for effective management of resources.

ALM supports apps from Microsoft, Oracle and SAP and popular IDE like Eclipse and Visual Studio. The components of ALM include a server, a client and a database.

Why use ALM/QC?

  • Makes project management easy
  • Manage projects from a central repository
  • Provides increased performance, security and quality to the application
  • Ensures functionality, security and performance
  • Prioritize testing depending upon the business risks
  • Can automatically schedule and execute tests

The major features of ALM include project planning and tracking, easy traceability between requirements, development and quality objects and provide support to the popular delivery approaches like waterfall and hybrid.

ALM is all about these components and we teach you the importance of each component. Our trainers give you experience with real time scenarios. Special focus is given on how to build and deliver a secure and a reliable application.

HP Quality Center Online Training Course Content

  • Test Management with HP-Quality Center
  • Overview on Test Management
  • Quality Center - Introduction
  • Architecture of TD/QC Tool
  • Main Objectives of QC
  • Site Administration
  • Customization of Quality Center
  • Release and Cycle creation
  • Test Requirements
  • Test Cases Creation and management
  • Test Sets and Test Execution
  • Defect Tracking
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Automation Life Cycle Implementation Using

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