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Overview : Blue Prism Training- Robotic Process Automation

Blue Prism Training : Intro
Scalable Robotic Process Automation or RPA BluePrism delivers the most trusted and secure RPA platform for the Digital Enterprise because our solution is the only one that's managed by business yet governed by IT it dramatically improves agility efficiency accuracy and compliance that's why BluePrism is the RPA platform of choice for the Fortune.

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500 over 50% of the world's top 100 financial institutions rely on BluePrism to automate data processing customer service customer onboarding and more regardless of their vertical markets our customers.

All enterprise platforms as the backbone of their Digital strategy delivering an operating system for the digital workforce so to ensure seamless integration flexibility and best practices.

But computers can't understand but in a large number of areas people are simply filling the gaps applying business rules making decisions and performing activities.

For more information about Robotic Process Automation Tool Blue Prism Automation here you can find complete intro about what is Blue Prism?

Blue Prism Training and Blue Prism Online Training Course Content

Module 1

Introduction to RPA(Robotic Process Automation)

  • Current Industry Standards in Automation
  • RPA Revolution
  • RPA Tools
  • RPA Trends
  • Value of RPA
  • Partners with BluePrism

Module 2

Introduction to BluePrism

  • What is blueprism?
  • Is Blueprism Secure?
  • blueprism verses other automation tools
  • BluePrism Overview
  • RPA vs SRPA(Scalable Robotic Process Automation- BluePrism)
  • What is digital workforce software?

Module 3

BluePrism Architecture

  • Solution Design Overview
  • Technical Design Overview & Document
  • Introduction to Object and Process Design and it's Instructions

Module 4

  • Blueprism Presentation & it's Roles
  • Blueprism SCENARIO

Module 5

BluePrism Process Studio

  • Basics
  • Process Creation
  • Data & Data Items
  • Process Validation
  • Decision & Calculation Stage
  • BluePrism Process Flow
  • whath is path?
  • Circular Paths
  • Control Points
  • Collections, Loops & Logic Layers
  • Pages Organiztion

Module 6

BluePrism Inputs & Outputs

  • Deep dive into Parameters
  • input and output parameters
  • Data Types & Data Item Visibility
  • CR-Control Room
  • process outputs

Module 7

Business Objects

  • Strong Intro to Object & its uses
  • What is Object Studio?
  • What is Business Objects?
  • Process Layers & Action Stage
  • Objects Inputs & Outputs

Module 8

BluePrism Object Studio

  • What is Object Studio?
  • Introduction to Attributes & Elements
  • Attribute Selection
  • Creating a Business Object
  • Spying Element
  • Launch, Wait, Timeout & Terminate
  • Write & Read
  • Attatch, Detach
  • Data Items Inputs & Outputs

Module 9

Overview of Error and Case Management

  • What is Error Management?
  • Exception Handling & Storing Exceptions
  • Throwing exception
  • Exception Bubbling & Blocks
  • Recover & Resume
  • Live Examples
  • What is Case Management?
  • Intro to Case Management
  • What is Queue?
  • Work Queues and its Configuration & items
  • Creating Work queus & Templates
  • Defer, Attempt, Filters
  • Pause & Resume
  • Creating Report & Exporting
  • MS Excel / MS Word Implementation & VBO's
  • RealTime Implementation(Small Project)
  • Locking Mechanism
  • Email

Module 10

Additional Features

  • Actions & Logging
  • Log Viewer
  • System Manager
  • Process Grouping , Import & Export
  • Advanced Features
  • Collections & Undefined Collections
  • Data Item Initialization & Exposure
  • Casting
  • Code Stage & RunMode
  • Attributes - Match Types & Dynamic Attributes
  • AMM(Application Manager Mode)
  • Global Clicks & Keys

Module 11

Application Types

  • Main Frame Application
  • Java Application

Module 12

Modes In BluePrism

  • WEB Applications- Win32 Mode
  • Surface Automation- Region Mode(Small Project & Case Study)

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