QA Training Hub Hyderabad's PHP corporate training provides an extensive coverage of core PHP and other advanced PHP techniques viz. Joomla, Magento and Drupal. Learners are also provided live project training which ensures that each student of our PHP corporate training is transformed into an expert PHP developer.

PHP is a popular scripting language. Its prominence is in its ability to enhance web pages allowing for creation of log-in pages, forums, surveys, picture galleries and others. QA Training Hub Hyderabad offers the most comprehensive PHP corporate training program. Our end-to-end PHP training program introduces learners to the basics as well as cutting-edge topics of the domain.

Why we are different from others?

    Experienced PHP trainers

    Full-fledged work on Live PHP projects

    Extensive coverage of PHP topics

    Hands-on experience with realtime work environment

    Complete placement assistance

PHP Course Contents

  •     Fundamentals of PHP
  •     Learning PHP language
  •    Database connectivity
  •    Learn HTML
  •    Learn CSS
  •    Applicability to industry standards
  •    Applicability to industrial projects
  •     Zend & Codeigniter Frameworks
  • Fundamentals of PHP includes, basic knowledge of OOPS, Software Engineering, SQL Queries, web designing and programming. Learning PHP language focuses on PHP syntax, expressions, variables, operators, functions, arrays, loops, protocols, conditions, events, flows etc. So, by the end of this module each learner will be able to develop a PHP website independently.
  • Under database connectivity, there is extensive coverage of acquiring knowledge of Database terminology, MySQL Database and learn Database connectivity using DBMS & RDBMS, PHP & MySQL.
  • In the learn HTML module, learners are introduced to HTML and its elements, tags, hyperlinks, table, form, events, div and span etc. Learners are provided hands-on experience during learn CSS, where they can learn how to apply CSS to a web page including backgrounds, classes and ID, pseudo-classes, margings and padding etc.
  • Bringing the learner closer to industry nee ds, we ensure that, we ensure that learners are provided knowledge about PHP with MVC architecture, Javascript, Ajax, XML, String Manipulation and Regular Expression, sessions and cookies etc. For gainful project experience, learners learn on how to integrate with web services, shopping cart, embedding PHP code into HTML pages, payment gateways and product catalogue.
  • Learners are also provided cutting-edge skills in Zend and Codeigniter. Learners receive complete guidance on using Codeigniter's libraries, creating core classes, auto-loading resources, using common functions, and error handling etc.

In addition to teaching, we encourage learners to participate in discussions and interactive sessions to promote knowledge sharing and doubt clarification. At every session you are assured new skills, opportunity to work independently and gain valuable information on various PHP concepts.


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