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IOT online training
IOT Online Training Course
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Overview : Internet Of Things Essential Course with project

Internet of Things (IoT) technology is all about network of physical objects that includes, devices, vehicles, buildings and other items that help in achieving network connectivity and enables in collection and exchange of data.

Significantly, the Internet of Things (IoT) is powered by RFID (radio frequency identification) technology. QA Training Hub Hyderabad, pioneered by a team of experienced trainers bring you the most comprehensive and hands-on training program in Internet of Things (IoT).

Our online training program in Internet of Things (IoT) will help students to understand the details of fragmented wireless connectivity landscape, security and privacy aspects of IoT. The Internet of Things is considered as the next or fourth industrial revolution.

Taking this into consideration, our online program in IoT is designed for practicing engineers, industrialists, researchers and entrepreneurs who are interested in the fundamentals, impact and potentials of the Internet of Things. The course content covers basics as well as the details of IoT technology, data and architectures.

Internet Of Things Online Training Course Content

Introduction to IoT
  • Introduction to the concept of IoT
  • IoT Eco system
  • Hardware
  • Sensors
  • IoT Stack and Protocols
  • IoT industry deployment examples
Introduction to Raspberry Pi
  • Features of Raspberry Pi
  • Interfaces
  • Programming environment
  • Caveats
Interfacing with the external world
  • TCP/IP Communication
  • HTTP/REST interfaces
  • MQTT
IOT Model Application and demo
  • Explanation and demonstration of an end to end IoT model application
  • Internet in general and Internet of Things: layers, protocols, packets, services, performance parameters of a packet network as well as applications such as web, Peer-to-peer, sensor networks, and multimedia.
  • Transport services: TCP, UDP, socket programming.
  • Network layer: forwarding & routing algorithms (Link, DV), IP-addresses, DNS, NAT, and routers.
  • Local Area Networks, MAC level, link protocols such as: point-to-point protocols, Ethernet, WiFi 802.11, cellular Internet access, and Machine-to-machine.
  • Mobile Networking: roaming and handoffs, mobile IP, and ad hoc and infrastructure less networks.
  • Real-time networking: soft and real time, quality of service/information, resource reservation and scheduling, and performance measurements.
  • IoT definitions: overview, applications, potential & challenges, and architecture.
  • IoT examples: Case studies, e.g. sensor body-area-network and control of a smart home.
  • Lab: performance measurements on local wireless and mobile networks. | Students Also Viewed this Online Course Suggestions

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