Extract, transform and load (ETL) is a form of data integration. It includes the processes that pulls the data from the OLTP database and loads the OLAP database. The importance of ETL is revealed in the fact that, many companies today that are operating on the cloud are actually using Hadoop to offload their ETL processes from traditional platforms to a more scalable platform such as Hadoop.


Things are extremely simplified. Here, you can write your ETL logic once and to deal with more data, you need to add more nodes to your Hadoop cluster. Significantly, ETL or extract, transform, and load processes serve as the backbone for enterprise data warehous

QA Training Hub Hyderabad provides the best-in-the-class ETL corporate training program. This program focuses on proven methods and best practices to successfully implement, manage and maintain the most challenging task of any data warehouse project.


What are the 3 objectives of the ETL Corporate Training ?


    Provide detailed steps of data warehouse ETL including extracting, cleaning, conforming, and delivering data and its associated metadata

    Provide guidance on the design and development, architecture, operations and management aspects of the ETL process

    Help to learn each of the steps, and sub-steps, required to successfully obtain, prepare and publish data in a dimensional data warehouse


What do you learn during our ETL Corporate Training ?


    Planning and designing your ETL system

    Choosing appropriate architecture

   Managing implementation

   Managing day to day operations

   Building the development/test/production suite of ETL processes

   Building a data cleaning subsystem

   Analyzing and extracting source data

    Creating the logical data mapping

    Understanding the tradeoffs of various staging data structures, including flat files, normalized schemas, XML, and dimensional schemas


Database management involves a lot of complexity. With new android and smart phone apps being introduced the management of databases is becoming complicated. The front end and the back end are becoming complicated. In this present scenario, the crucial role of database testers in ensuring effective working of databases is recognized. For sure, database testing personnel ensure a secure and quality database.

What are the FEATURES ?

Offers exposure on performing backend testing and analysis

Provides an extensive coverage of topics about database testing, SQL queries and types of database testing

Presents a balance of theoretical and practical assignments

Helps to write effective test cases for database maintenance and avoid data corruption/p>

Allows for interactive sessions with instructors and technical support team

What are the BENEFITS ?

Greater scope for teacher-student interaction through doubt-solving sessions

Hands-on experience to learners who can easily and rapidly create and execute automated functional, regression, compliance, and load tests

Acquaint learners with the benefit of SOAUI that in a single test environment, SoapUI provides complete test coverage and supports all the standard protocols and technologies.

Simply no limits to what you can do with your tests.

QA Training Hub Hyderabad's database testing offers specialized knowledge of all the advanced database testing concepts to aspiring database testers. Our comprehensive and high value driven database testing training focuses on ACID properties - Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability of a database management system. Our learners will be able to identify bugs in the database of a software application, and offer solutions to deadlock, poor performance, data corruption and others.

QA Training Hub's database testing training program provides an in-depth knowledge of database testing methodologies, software testing tools, relational database, data integrity, normalization, SQL queries and database objects testing. Our database testing training is intended for fresh computer graduates and experienced testing professionals who are interested to enhance their database testing skills and achieve highest quality of applications with proper functionality.


We are looking Talented, Dedicated, Hard Working Professionals


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